Seattle Pro Fitness


Seattle’s Pro Mobile Fitness sends its trainers to you – your home, your gym, or even the local park – to save you time and to tailor an exercise plan to fit your favorite workout space.


Our professional personal trainers focus on creating challenging, varied, and enjoyable workouts for individuals, couples, or groups, incorporating the best equipment in the industry.  Furthermore, because we work with you in the setting of your choice, our services are available without requiring an expensive gym membership.


About Us


Dana and Deborah Sanders have endeavored as fitness trainers for more than thirty years, helping more than 9,000 clients achieve their fitness goals.  In 1998 the Sanders launched Pro Fitness, a mid-level boutique gym that catered to students in the Seminole County School District in Orlando, Florida.  In 2010, they sold Pro Fitness and moved to Seattle, where they continued their commitment to fitness training by establishing Seattle Pro Fitness.


The Sanders have also offered personal fitness training and consulting to the employees of public companies, including the Kellog Corporation, FOX News, the Live Strong Foundation, and Demand Studios.  Dana Sanders holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s in education; he is a high school teacher, football, and track coach, and is the former president of the Seattle Chapter of the “NFL Retired Players Association.”  Deborah Sanders has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and, besides her work as a personal trainer, also does online counseling for wellness and substance abuse issues.


The Sanders’ fitness philosophy is simple: “We incorporate mind, body, and spirit into our fitness programs. We believe that health is more than walking on the treadmill, lifting weights, and eating vegetables.

True health is a vibrational journey with the human soul as the liaison between the spiritual and physical world – your thoughts create you’re here and now, and shape your tomorrow.”


Mobile Fitness Training

Mobile Fitness Training

We come too you!  Getting in shape and staying motivated is not easy, so we eliminate the obstacle of having to go to the gym, by bringing our health club to you.  Enjoy the simplicity of our mobile fitness trainers bringing the home gym to you.